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19 February, 2007

Paying rent in my head

digby puts into words the vague queasiness I feel when reading the contemporary conservative commentariat:
The doughy pantload generation of wingnuts, on the other hand, thinks [the Global War on Terror is] some sort of game and they are the star players. They yearned to be "part" of something momentous --- but from a distance, like you are when you are watching movies about war and heroism and identify with the main characters. No need to give up your Milk Duds just to enjoy a good bloodbath. They are writing an exciting plotline that has Islamic terrorism somehow so uniquely dangerous that it has surpassed WWII and the cold war and is more like something out of science fiction: "Star Wars" or "War of the Worlds." To these people, national security is cheap pulp fiction.

What digby sez.

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