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13 February, 2007

Catfight, please

While we on the left have to make do with contrived controversies and rumors of bad blood betwixt our presidential wannabes, the fur is beginning to fly within the Grand Oil Party. From a campaign e-mail:
Documentation surfaced over the weekend that the Romney for President Exploratory Committee is misleading voters.

In an e-mail circulated to right-to-life leaders on February 8, 2007, a key Romney staffer wrote: "Just like Sam Brownback, Mitt was once pro-choice but changed his views upon being elected to office… When Brownback was elected to office, that is when he also had a conversion and voted with the pro-life movement."

Brownback for President National Campaign Committee Member Dr. Jack Willke, who was President of National Right to Life for ten years, responded: "Senator Brownback has always been pro-life, and has never made a statement or cast any vote to the contrary."

This false allegation by the Romney campaign comes in light of recent evidence that Romney has switched positions on abortion at least three times.

That's right, Mitt: Brownback's old school when it comes to being anti-choice and anti-woman, unlike some Johnny-come-lately we know from Taxachusetts!

While I'll certainly be paying attention on our side to the Three Big Bears and the Chasepack as I sort over who'll receive my support and (very small) campaign contributions, I have to say, the GOP race is going to be far more entertaining as we discover who can best court the crazies while running far, far away from Bush. I'll particularly enjoy Romney and Brownback's race to bottom as they vie to be the beau of the social conservative ball.

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