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07 February, 2007

Generic playlist

What, I need a reason to post a random playlist? Well, fine... the Employee Free Choice Act [H.R. 800] was introduced today. So here's your labor-law reform playlist!

Jeebus, that doesn't make any sense...
  • Polly - Nirvana
  • I Got Stoned and I Missed It - Freedom of Expression
  • Re-Ron - Gil Scott-Heron
  • Nowhere Near - Yo La Tengo
  • Offshoot - Dave Brubeck
  • I Am a Lonesome Fugitive - Leo Kottke
  • A Tear for Eddie - Ween
  • All the Young Dudes - David Bowie
  • Good Night - the Beatles
  • 1968 - Bill Frisell

You want me to end this with some sort of witty repartée about the EFCA? You've got to be kidding me. I'm not doing it.


Oh... fine. Recognized through card check, here's your bonus #11. Jerks.
  • Eat Starch Mom - Jefferson Airplane

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