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19 December, 2006

The Arabian Candidate

Get out the smelling salts! Pam's been in the liquor and has the vapors again, this time over one Barack Hussein Obama. She clucks approvingly,
The left goes ballistic when you use Obama's full name. Deceiving the American people, yet again. Debbie Schlussel nails it here
His full name--as by now you have probably heard--is Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. Hussein is a Muslim name, which comes from the name of Ali's son--Hussein Ibn Ali. And Obama is named after his late Kenyan father, the late Barack Hussein Obama, Sr., apparently a Muslim.

And while Obama may not identify as a Muslim, that's not how the Arab and Muslim Streets see it. In Arab culture and under Islamic law, if your father is a Muslim, so are you. And once a Muslim, always a Muslim. You cannot go back. In Islamic eyes, Obama is certainly a Muslim. He may think he's a Christian, but they do not.

Read it all, there's much more and read her comments section.
Then, there are the other items in his background. As best-selling author Scott Turow wrote in Salon, Obama went to a Muslim school for two years in Indonesia. His mother, Anna, married an Indonesian man (like another Muslim, as Indonesia is Muslim-dominated and has the largest population of Muslims of any nation in the world).

If I may summarize Pam's argument: due to some apparent connections with Islam, we should assume that underneath all that pious Christian talk, Obama is some sort of latent Islamonazifarian. Right now, he's hood-winking us all ("Barack Obama is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being I've ever known in my life.") into putting him in the White House, whereupon some jihadist operative will ring him up in the Oval Office, ask him if he'd like to play a game of solitaire, and boom! - next thing you know, he's got four more wives, has implemented sharia law, and is building minarets around the Capitol building.

I'd find this laughable if not for the fact that I'm going to have to spend the next two years being reminded by the 30 percenters that Obama's middle name is Hussein, just like that bad guy in Iraq. And his last name rhymes with Osama.

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