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03 January, 2006

Ain't got no soul

My god, the man cannot even remotely begin to feel one tiny iota of sympathy. Even when facing the brave souls who put their bodies and lives on the lines on the basis of his decisions, the only way he can relate is with some sort of lame joke.

I almost feel pity for the man. He's a rich, spoiled brat who was never allowed to fail (indeed, he failed upwards!), was never made to feel hurt. He's lived inside a bubble filled with sycophants who have grubbed their way upward on his coattails and are fleeing as the ship begins to sink.

George W. Bush is unable to feel. He's unable to share in our common humanity. And he covers this up with incredibly lame and insensitive jokes.

How lonely it must be for him. How incredibly terrifying it is for the rest of us.

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