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31 December, 2005

Talk about the weather

When I first moved to Eugene in 1996, I had heard about the famous Pacific Northwest rains, but was unprepared when, in mid-November, the skies opened in a downpour that lasted (I shit you not) three whole days. For the rest of the year, the Willamette Valley was under a sheet of water - or mud, up in the hills.

Well, we're at it again. We went from barely a drop in the creeks to flood in a matter of a couple days -and me, with a brand spankin' new Kristmas Kayak waiting for a good soak, not even getting a chance to contemplate boating, it went to flood that fast. And it's still raining.

I'll be checking the Willamette in the morning (it's about 1/8 mile from my house) and will post some pictures (along with the vacation pics I promised earlier). Until then, I hope this post finds you both high and dry!


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