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10 May, 2008

You deserve answers

But before I spoil the meme-y fun, I wanted to offer a few more hints. See if any of these help jog the "random knowledge" portion of your head:

  • 3 is a Bill Monroe tune performed by a early 70s bluegrass supergroup.

  • Numbers 5 and 20 are the same band, one that pretty much defined the term "lo-fi." The two songs are not on their two best known albums.

  • Numbers 6, 7, and 12 are all jam bands from (respectively) Athens, GA; San Francisco; Burlington, VT

  • 8 - San Pedro's finest belt out what should've been the Eugene anarchist theme song - seeking to pacify existential angst about "victims of [our] leisure" with beer and a bag of mersh.

  • Numbers 9 and 21 are from (respectively) the crown jewel and belatedly realized masterpiece of these iconic Sixties Southern California surf/pop band.

  • The artist in 11 is well-known for collaborating, musically and possibly otherwise, with the likes of Lou Reed, Mick Jagger, and Iggy Pop. Tough lyrics, though.

  • I'm not even going to bother with 15 - it really does qualify as obscure indie rock.

  • 16 is a repeat of one of the first four artists.

  • For 18, think of the lesser known half of Uncle Tupelo.

  • The song title's in the lyric in 19, played by an awesome bluegrass/punk/rock/klezmer/etc. band from Austin, TX (and featured on Punk Rock Monday)

  • For 22, think Big Suit.

  • Number 24 is a repeat of an artist from 12 through 15.

  • Number 25 is so obvious. Think influential 70s British punk band that wasn't the Clash or the Sex Pistols.

I don't know whether these will help or hinder your efforts. I do know, however, that I've spent far too much time absorbing trivial knowledge.



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