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03 May, 2008

Because I ♥ memes

This is following from feminist, ph.d's welcome introduction of this meme. The rules:

1. Randomize your tunes... nicely
2. Post the first line of the first 25 songs, no matter how much you don't want the rest of us to know that Creed is on your iPod.
3. In comments, leave your informed opinion as to what the song title is and who the artist/s is/are. As they come in, I'll strike the song off the list. Googling for the answer makes you the Barry Bonds of the meme world. Do you really want that? Besides, I'll post the answers eventually.
4. Rinse, lather, repeat.

So here goes, in no particular order - or as the kids might say, "Randomly..."
1. Say you stand by your man
2. Because mutiny on the bounty’s what we’re all about [I'm gonna board your ship and turn it on out]
3. In this awful world of sorrow [On this wicked path of sin] [cover - bonus points for guessing the right artist]
4. Oh when they beat upon a broken guitar
5. Lately, someone’s gonna save me [My heart is made of gravy and the laps I swim from lunatics don't count]
6. Four train days, get me back to New Orleans [Drink more fishwater there than any whale's mama ever seen]
7. High green chilly winds and windy vines [In loops around the twisted shafts of lavender]
8. As I look out over this beautiful land I can’t help but realize [That I am alone. Why am I able to waste my energy?]
9. I know so many people who think they can do it alone [They isolate their heads and stay in their safety zones]
10. Z Y X, Z Y X
11. As they pulled you out of the oxygen tent [You asked for the latest party]
12. In the morning I pack up my gear and toss it in my carryall [Run the wide load to the lip and watch the big core crack and glow]
13. Oh gawd, has she always lived here?
14. It’s close to midnight and something evil’s lurking in the dark
15. Everyone sees every movie you make [The whole world hears every word you say]
16. Lookin’ for my place on assembly lines [Fake prizes risin' out of the bombholes]
17. That there, that’s not me
18. Hurricanes in December, earthquakes in the heartland [Bad Aryan decks on its flashing warning sign]
19. I’m convicted by reality convicted [I'm rejected, a bigger part of me is wastin']
20. Billie and my friend the saint, you’re perfect in so many ways [But you never looked hard at a fetus in a jar]
21. I’ve been in this town so long that back in the city I’ve been taken for long and gone [and unknown for a long long time]
22. Lost my shape - trying to act casual [Can't stop - might end up in the hospital]
23. What is the light that you have [shining all around you? Is it chemically derived?]
24. With your feet on the air and your head on the ground
25. It’s so obvious, it’s here it’s there [It's not just the color, it must be more]

There's a couple of repeat artists in there. Have fun.

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