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10 March, 2008

Deconstructionist Movie Night (or, I can't believe I watched this)

Our local library has free movie check-outs and a decent array of flicks, allowing ms. wobs and I to indulge tastes for which we wouldn't normally allocate a nominal rental fee. Hence, our viewing of The Astronaut Farmer. Don't let the story of a dream and gumption bringing a family together fool you. This movie is pro-small business, pro-small government, pro-explosive, pro-(straight)marriage, pro-vigilante, pro-hackneyed cliché, pro-training montage, and, surprisingly, pro-immigrant. Something which I imagine appeals to your average Ron Paul supporter.

Oh, it was also very, very, very pro-manly maleness, in no uncertain terms:

Billy Bob Thornton was competent.

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