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02 December, 2007

My favorite scene from my favorite movie

A little context in case you haven't seen Being There (which you really should go and do, if you haven't - it's Peter Sellers last, and IMHO best, film): Chance the Gardener is a simple man who's never left the home of his employer and has been nourished on a steady diet of television, television, television. When his employer finally kicks the bucket, poor Chance is suddenly forced into the real world (this is the scene), where by dumb luck, he's swept into the world of the Washington elite where his recitation of network babble is taken as genius. The film's a brilliant skewering of the post-modern television-age politics which have gotten us into our present predicament.

Bonus fun fact: Sellers' character in this film is the source of l'il wobs' middle name. Yes, that's how much I love this film.



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