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29 September, 2007

Don't mess with my kid

We have a general rule of thumb in our family - if someone doesn't like l'il wobs, we generally agree that said person is a bad, bad human being. This evening we went to an Octoberfest gathering and met a woman who was not only immune to his charms, but actively disliked him.

First, she took his chair. We've spent a lot of time teaching l'il wobs that if he wants something that another person is using, he should ask if he can have it. Polite, civilized behavior, right? So, this woman just goes over and snags his chair for her friend who had just arrived. When the kid comes back and finds his chair gone, he's upset. I offer him my chair, but he's three, and wants "his" chair back. No big deal, I take my chair over to the gentleman who had been offered l'il wobs purloined seat and offer to trade him. He's very nice about it and trades seats, but ms. chair thief rolls her eyes.

Next, l'il wobs really likes to help people, and so he was offering to fill up everyone's beer at the keg. It was pretty freakin' cute, and everyone got a kick out of the three year old kegmaster, except, of course, ms. mckilljoy. When l'il wobs offered to refill her beer, she told him that he can't pour beers until he's 21. It's not like he was doing keg-stands, but I suppose this woman needs to affirm her moral superiority by depriving a small child the happiness of helping her out.

On top of all this, this woman was making all sorts of obnoxious disapproving clucks around ms. wobs the entire evening. I kind of knew she was trouble when we arrived. Who arrives at a party with her partner wearing matching Che Guevera t-shirts (tucked in, no less)? Who sits around and brags about her closet full of yuppie radical shirts (like "Against the Neoliberal Tide") that she obviously breaks out for the protest du jour (or evening soirée)? I'd expect that from your college sophomore, but from a woman who looked to be in her fifties?

Humorless, child-hating biddies like her give us lefties a bad name.

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