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24 July, 2007

Republicans on shrooms

That a plurality of Republicans and leaners find Rudy Giuliani to be the most electable of the current and potential GOP candidates leads me to a number of conclusions:
  1. A plurality of Republican's don't really know Giuliani beyond what they've seen on 9/11:
  2. Republicans are more than willing to throw their "values" under the bus in order to remain in power.
  3. Republicans still believe that the mere mention of "9/11" and anyone associated with that tragic day is enough to put the majority of the electorate into a catatonic haze where they'll pull the lever for any authoritarian jackass.

My bets are on numbers 2 and 3. Giuliani hasn't made any apologies for his cosmopolitanism (nor should he), and given that he still has the glow of 9/11 "leadership" on him, at least for Republicans, I think most of the GOoPers are willing to give him a pass in order to have someone in office who wants to kick some brown people's ass (both foreign and domestic).

Unfortunately for them, a growing majority of the country has learned that when Sept. 11 is invoked by Republicans, it's usually being used to make a steaming pile of horseshit smell like petunias. That air freshener ain't working anymore, and the stench of corruption, greed, and mismanagement that accompanies Rudy will only grow stronger as the campaign continues. And the truth of the matter is, his 9/11 performance left a lot to be desired:

Jeebus, if they think Rudy is electable, I wonder why they find others not-so-electable...

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