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05 June, 2007

Be a part of history

I know many of you sit around saying to yourself, "Golly, I wish there was a way I could somehow be a part of wobblie's epic cross-country relocation extravaganza, but I'm not up for a week long roadtrip or moving boxes." Well, now you can.

The good folks at Mapquest tell me that I'll be covering some 2826 miles in the VW Beetle. That's about five days for which I'll need music. Not that I don't have plenty of music, but it's all stuff I've heard. So what I'm asking from you, dear reader, is for you to make me a "road-trip mix" CD. Or two. Get your friends and loved ones to make me one as well. The more the merrier (those 42 hours aren't going to pass without some help, friends). But make sure they get here before June 24, otherwise I'll be long gone.

I'm serious. If everyone who reads this blog makes one CD, I'll have, uh... six for the trip!

Even if you're afield from Eugene, you're still invited! Just e-mail me for my mailing address. Be a part of the adventure, without actually having to experience Nebraska.



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