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29 May, 2007

For fuck's sake

By the look of it, the crack where I'll be moving is dy-no-mite:
Years ago, someone coined the term "neoliberal." I was never sure what it meant, and it has since fallen into disuse, but whatever the case, I'd like to revive (and mangle) the term and apply it -- brace yourself -- to George W. Bush. He's more liberal than you might think.

No, he's not. Having a "diverse" cabinet merely masks an administration that has persistently pursued goals and utilized methods that are racist and misogynistic. The Iraq war was never about freeing the Iraqi people. The Bush years were emphatically not a period of misunderstood and mismanaged idealism. In one way or another, it has been about feeding a private elite from the public trough, like Reaganism on steroids.

Sorry, but Bush is all conservative. And I don't really want any of what you're smoking.

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