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21 May, 2007

Punk Rock Monday

We've delved deep into the 1970s downtown, CBGBs rock scene for some time at PRM, but we've saved my favorite among favorites until now. Sure, some regular readers of this blog may say that someone who performs an eight minute version of a song can, by definition, not be punk rock. Shine that - I defy you to find a punk band that can match the Talking Heads in intensity beyond the usual two-minute scrum. And, said regular readers should be happy I don't unilaterally declare the String Cheese Incident punk and put up some twenty minute noodle jam that would have us all slitting our wrists.

Check out the early, early years as a three piece - "Psycho Killer"

A 1978 run through of "Life During Wartime"

"Born Under Punches" performed in Rome in 1980. The line-up at this time is just smokin' - it's worth spending some time at ye olde youtube to see the rest of the show (this is the only clip they've allowed embedding for)

And the timeless "Once in a Lifetime" from Stop Making Sense - I don't know how many times I've heard this song, but it still gives me goosebumps, same as it ever was...



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