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05 May, 2007


It's been another busy week that has either found me asleep or out in the blogging hours, thus leaving my promise of content, content, content to you, the reader, left unfulfilled. So, a fun-filled week in review:
  • May Day found me whooping it up with the GTFF for an International Worker's Day rally, highlighted by the traditional delivery of flowers and the Big Card to university administrators, and keeping the GTFF's streak of situationist actions alive and well. That evening ms. wobs and I got our groove on to !!!, which has been the most welcome CD that pattyjoe has dropped on me (and he's dropped an awful lot of welcome CDs). If they're coming 'round your area (ash! May 12!), I highly recommend checking them out.
  • Got to have a fun swanky "professional" lunch with patty joe and dave on Thursday at the Excelsior. Nothing like a new job to give you a reason to blow some dough, eh?
  • I helped with my last GTFF officer election yesterday. On Monday, we welcome a new board who 7/8s of will remember me as "the insurance guy."
  • We're doing a massive house clean-up today as we prepare to put our home on the market. This morning was dedicated to getting rid of the detritus of grad school in my office, where lots of other stuff resurfaced (like my diplomas! and mouseshit!). Tomorrow will be dedicated to doing some scraping and touch-up painting around the exterior of the house.
That's the update for now. Just wanted to let you know that I'm alive and still "believe" in evolution.



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