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03 February, 2007

Just the facts, ma'am

One of my favorite tropes in news coverage: when reporting on sports-related rioting, it's necessary to report on the final score - whether it's relevant to the rioting or not. For example:
Football in Italy has been suspended indefinitely after a police officer died during fan violence at a Serie A match between two Sicilian teams last night. The action includes all Serie A and B matches and Italy's friendly with Romania scheduled for next Wednesday.


Rioting fans forced the Catania v Palermo match to be suspended in the 58th minute - with Palermo leading 1-0 - after tear-gas filled the Angelo Massimino stadium. The match restarted after about 30 minutes but the violence continued after the game, which Palermo won 2-1.

Odd. Just how crazy is the Catania-Palermo rivalry? Well, you know it's a bad sign when you have to cage your fans...

And god forbid they try to get out of those cages...



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