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29 January, 2007

Punk Rock Monday

I was initially drawn to Sonic Youth in my teen years because so many people disliked them. The dissonance, the off-kilter tunings, and the extended feedback compositions were enough to send most of my friends running. I picked up Goo when I was sophomore and promptly pissed off many of my mates. That period of obnoxiousness led me to a lasting appreciation of the boundaries this band has been able to transcend, alternatively pushing at the bounds of the pop form while ultimately being comfortable inside them.

Here's a clip of Sonic Youth from their first European tour in 1983 (unsure of song title):

"Schizophrenia" from the Bush I era (perfomance found on 1991's The Year Punk Broke):

And as an extra bonus, here's Sonic Youth with David Bowie, "I'm Afraid of Americans":



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