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03 April, 2006

And now back to your regularly scheduled blogging

So it's been a week of light posts and baby pictures. But I'll be getting back down to business with my regularly obsessive posting on the news of the day. Spring Break's been nice in the fact that I've been on a bit of a media fast (from my usual hyper-compulsive news reading). On the other hand, my only source of information has been high calorie/low nutrition bits and pieces of cable news at my father-in-laws. How do people survive on that crap?

Anyways, I'm catching up now on the news and the blogs and will get back to the ranting tomorrow.

But, to tide you over until then, from everything I saw over the break, W. is still a freaking incompetent boob hellbent on running this country into the ground. I hope that'll do you for the time being.


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