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09 March, 2006

To the irregulars

I can count them on one hand, but I have regular readers! And they rock! So I just wanted to give a shout-out to y'all, and to those who comment regularly - you know who you are, and you are appreciated. When you're howling into the e-wilderness, it's nice when someone howls back.

To you readers who lurk: leave a freakin' comment and say hi! Especially those of you who mosey over from Dave's blog.

If you enjoy what passes for political and social commentary, humor, and solipsistic navel gazing here, check out some of the links on the blogroll. The one's marked with a cute little spade(♠) are blogs I visit on a daily basis - they're definitely top-shelf. All the others are fine vintages as well. However, if you like your liquor from the well, keep reading ye olde medulla noodle.

My friends are all great bloggers as well, so check them out if you're interested in travelogues, more grad student angst, bodily functions, and... whatever the hell it is my brother writes about.

Okay, dear readers, enough meta-blogging madness for one day. Thanks for the warm, squishy feelings. I love warm, squishy feelings, unless they're in my shoes.


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