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16 March, 2006

Shout it out, yo! Raise the roof!

Taking a page from my man pattyjoe, here's a shout-out to some outstanding peeps:
  • To ms. wobs, for taking care of my sorry ass this week. Honestly, I've never felt more miserable in quite some time, and she's tended to me with a smile and some awesome homemade chicken soup. I owe her big.
  • To the wee wobs, who, despite being as sick as I, has been fairly charming and quite nice these past few days.
  • To the GTFF bargaining team (Julian, Anna, PattyJoe, and our man on the scene, Davey C), for stickin' it to the Man. Almost makes me wish I was sitting with y'all at the bargaining table... almost, but not quite.
  • To Jen E. who has been über-awesome in covering my classes the past couple of days. I owe her beer.
  • To ez and Dave, for making the longest comment thread yet on this blog... god, that's embarrassing.
  • To the random readers who keep popping in and checking out what passes for writing here - be dears and say hi every now and again.
Okay, that's all the shouting I can do right now. I am sick, remember?


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