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11 March, 2006

Beautiful Day

Unfortunately, I'm stuck inside grading papers. At least I have this playlist to lighten the mood:
  • Autumn Nocturne - Sonny Rollins
  • Stop Breathin' - Pavement
  • Gumboots - Paul Simon
  • The Word - The Beatles
  • Venus de Milo - Miles Davis
  • Lounge Act - Nirvana
  • God Don't Never Change - Blind Willie Johnson
  • She Belongs to Me - Bob Dylan
  • Don't Look Now - The Minutemen
  • Thank You for Sending Me an Angel - Talking Heads
And your bonus track #11:
  • Op Hop Detonation - Stereolab
I hope the day is as pretty in your neck of the woods as it is here, and I hope you can at least go out and enjoy it.


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