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13 April, 2007

Strangest. Phone call. Ever.

Don't ever let it be said that we don't get entertaining phone calls at the union office. What follows is a rough transcript which, while not exact, certainly hews to the spirit of the conversation:
Me: Union office.

Caller: Uh, yeah... I have kind of a strange question.

Me: Okay.

Caller: Does your organization have socials?

Me: Yeah, we have end of term parties, our general membership meetings are kind of social occasions, we sponsor intramural teams...

Caller: Are these open to everyone?

Me: Uh, no. They're only for members, as we are using member money.

Caller: Oh, I see. What would you say the age range is in your organization?

Me: [becoming increasingly perplexed] Anywhere from 21 to 65. The bulk would be in their late 20s or early 30s, but it's a pretty diverse bunch.

Caller: Okay, I see. Oh, this is weird. Where would you suggest that a young Asian man in his late twenties go to meet people... no, young women from 22, 23 to their early 30s?

Me: [...]

Caller: I know it's a strange question.

Me: Well, there's the bar scene.

Caller: [laughs] Uh, no. Are there other graduate organizations on campus where he could meet people?

Me: It's a university, there's lots of organizations. I suppose he could go to lectures to meet people who are interested in similar things.

Caller: Uh huh, I see. So, uh, where would you go to meet people?

Me: I'm married.

Caller: Oh, okay. Well, thanks for your help!

Me: No problem.

I suppose I should note that the caller was a woman seemingly calling on behalf of said young Asian male. You don't get that everyday.



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