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16 January, 2007

Moving on

via dkos

After seeing Borat, it's painfully obvious that there is a certain prideful and recalcitrant ignorance among certain segments of the American population (or any population, for that matter), but why does its real-life expression always seem to be a parody of itself? Like this:
There were furious denunciations in the General Assembly after a Virginia legislator stated that black people "should get over" slavery.

Hanover Delegate Frank Hargrove made the comment about slavery in an interview published Tuesday in The Daily Progress of Charlottesville.

In the same interview about whether the state should apologize to the descendants of slaves, Hargrove wondered aloud whether Jews should "apologize for killing Christ."

Isn't that almost too perfect? Especially the part about killing Jesus? It's like we're being governed by a bunch of cartoon characters.


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